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Bonus Titles

There is No Bonus Disk -- (The Macintosh Collectors Library 97 will not have a Bonus Disk)
The cd case that comes with the Windows version of the Collectors Libray 97 is a special case that contains two CDRom Disks. If you will open the cover you will see the first disk. If you then pull on the dark edge in the center, next to where the case is inscribed "2 CD", you will open the case up to the next level and expose the bonus disk. This disk is to be used with any of the icons marked " {Bonus Disk} ".

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"Master Infobase Not Found" or "Find" one of the Titles
This message is caused if the cd is not in the drive when the Bonus Title's icon is selected. If you are receiving this message do the following:

  • Go to "Drives" on the "Find" window (if this window is already closed choose "File", choose "Open", and then proceed as follows).
  • Change the drive letter in "Drives" to match your CDRom drive letter.
  • Change the folder or directory to "Bonus"
  • Look in the large window under "File Name:" for the following files:
      quotes.nfo - for Famous Quotes (if installed)
      america.nfo - for CD Sourcebook of American History (if installed)
      members.nfo - for Early LDS Membership
      factbook.nfo - for World Factbook (if installed)
  • Click on this file.
  • Click on "OK".
  • The Library should come up.

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