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The CD will not install

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Divide Error in Windows 95, Trying to View the Images

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"Cannot Read Drive A:", "Cannot Access Drive A:", Missing Disk, Won't Install
The most common problem with the our dos products that install from diskettes, are that the diskettes themselves have gone bad. If you will email us or call us with the following information:

  • The title of the Library
  • The number of disks in the set
  • The ID number on the front of one of the disks
  • Your address
  • The type of disks to use (3 ½ or 5 ¼ inch disks, high or low density)
  • The numbers of the disks that need to be replaced
    If you will send us this information, we will send you new copies of the disks that you requested.
    If you need an entire set remastered, we will need you to call us at (801) 426-3501 and we will work out the details for remastering the set.

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