JavaScript Projects

The following is a list of some of the ideas and projects that I have worked on in my free time that actually coalesced into something useful for consumption.


Accompanying the CGI::Ex suite of tools are two javascript files: yaml_load.js and validate.js. These modules allow for fairly indepth form validation. Also - yaml_load.js allows for arbitrary data structures to be passed via text and created in javascript. This was important back before JSON became popular. For more information - view the source of the files listed in the samples below - or view the source code found in the links above or at CPAN.
(Home | CPAN | validate_js_0_tests.html | validate_js_1_onsubmit.html | validate_js_2_onchange.html | validate_js_yaml_1.html | validate_js_yaml_2.html | validate_js_yaml_3.html | yaml_js_1.html | yaml_js_2.html | yaml_js_3.html | yaml_js_4.html

Project BOB

Mini arcade game (side scroller without the side scrolling). Written around 1997/98.
(Home page)


Mahjong solitair. Never really finished - but it is playable - written around 1999.
(Home page)

Falling Blocks

Tetris™ style falling blocks game. Written around 1997.
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I first wrote a version of chess back in 1999. It was basically functional but the computer opponent was terrible. I've rewritten it now with a canvas based version.
(Home page) (Old version)

Infobases Tech Support circa 1997

This is a support site I wrote to lessen the load as a Infobases tech support person. This was some of my first html and Javascript work. Still funtional without modification after all these years.
(Home page)


Canvas based graphing utility.
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Menu cloud system.
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Canvas based "screensaver".
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Easy and customizable tooltips.
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JavaScript data structure dumper.
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JavaScript based ascii table generator.
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HTML Color Table

JavaScript based html color table generator.
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